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1st TARGET Workshop

The 1st TARGET workshop was held on 27th Sept 2015.

The TARGET Program
This program, Treatment and Relief of Gastrointestinal Disorders, was created by a panel comprising of gastroenterologists and hepatologists with a surgeon under the auspices of the Malaysian Society of Gastroenterology and Hepatology (MSGH). Its main purpose is to provide updates to general practitioners (GPs) on how to effectively manage the various common conditions relating to gastroenterology that they may encounter in their daily practice. By conducting workshops in different venues around Malaysia, MSGH hopes that their key message will reach as many GPs possible and enable fruitful discussions and interactions.


Panel Name


Dato’ Dr Tan Huck Joo
Sunway Medical Centre

Balancing Heart and Gut Risks of NSAIDs and Anti-platelets

Dr Akhtar Qureshi
Sunway Medical Centre

The What, Why and How of Perianal Symptoms

Datuk Dr Jayaram Menon
Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Safety and Practical Use of PPI

Assoc Prof Lee Yeong Yeh
Hospital University Sains Malaysia

Non-cardiac Chest Pain

Assoc Prof Raja Affendi Raja Ali
Hospital University Kebangsaan Malaysia

Inflammatory Bowel Disease: What we should know

Dr Tan Soek Siam
Selayang Hospital

Practical Approaches to Hepatitis B Management