Endoscopy 2018 Best Endoscopic Video Competition

Participant must be affiliated to a medical centre in Malaysia.

The format is as follows:

Powerpoint presentation consisting of
• Brief introduction: 1 minute
• Video: 4 minutes
• Conclusion: 1 minute

Six of the best videos will be chosen by a panel to be presented during the Workshop and there will be a question and answer session for 2 minutes

The judges will consist of three of the faculty members and cash prizes will be awarded to the best three videos.

How to Enter
- Prepare your video
- Save your video to your Dropbox or GoogleDrive
- COPY / obtain the LINK to your video file
- Fill in your particulars in the form below
- In the field for 'LINK to Video', PASTE the Dropbox/GoogleDrive link
- Press Submit button
- Expect an acknowledgement email from us within 3 days to inform you that we have successfully received your submission

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